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“Iniciativas de Futuro para una Europa Social” is a non-profit cooperative which belongs to FEVECTA (representative organisation of the cooperative movement whose main task is to act as a lobbying organisation in order to gain support for the promotion of worker cooperatives).

“Iniciativas de Futuro para una Europa Social” also cooperates with the regional and local Public Administration (Regional Government and City Municipalities), Social Partners (Trade Unions and Employers Associations), as well as many other institutions and organisations in different fields, mainly related to adult education and vocational training.

As a training provider, “Iniciativas de Futuro para una Europa Social” offers tailor-made training programmes for developing and upgrading skills and professional qualifications of workers and unemployed people, thus improving their employment opportunities and supporting their personal and professional development.

At European level, “Iniciativas de Futuro para una Europa Social“ promotes and develops international projects within the framework of the programs of the European Union, cooperating with the European Network «EURORESO», which includes 63 organisations from 30 different European countries.

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