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Deloris Mundo

DELORIS MUNDO is an organization committed towards developing the educational learning system, organizational excellence culture and skill development of individuals vis-a-vis capacity building, project management and e-Learning. Our team comprises of well trained open minded individuals from Europe and Africa who ensure that our products and services are well delivered according to customers specifications.

Due to our outstanding records of top-notch product and service delivery, we have been able to partner with different organizations in Europe and Africa in and out of European Union Projects. Our goal is to continually deliver quality and improved learning tools for the progress and development of the organization and the people.

​Our area of specialization:

Project Management : Our project management skills are top notch towards timely and quality delivery of goals and deliverable. We apply innovative approach that are sustainable and brings about transformation.

Training, seminars and workshops : Our capacity building training tools are modeled to develop your skills and competencies and expose you to the resources which would help you deliver better at your workplace. Our services helps you and your organization explore possibilities that creates the opportunities for growth and development.

e-Learning: Our e-learning platforms are user-friendly and tailored to deliver the desired knowledge you require. They are been developed by using modern elements of learning for optimal assimilation and understanding.

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